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Monday 12 September 2022 ASIA'S Most Revolutionary Saree startup

ASIA'S Most Revolutionary Saree startup 

Master Plan

 - our Company buy product wholesaler 

starting to sell e-commerce   work model working on social media advertisement like as facebook,instagram,whatsupp business ,linkdin ,blogging ,website 

Growth business next step to business to business marketing and business to consumer target 

Creating a B2B Marketing Strategy

Competition for customers, and their attention, is high. Building out a B2B strategy that delivers results requires thoughtful planning, execution, and management. Here’s a high-level look at the process B2B companies use to stand out in a crowded marketplace:

Step 1: Develop an Overarching Vision

Step 2: Define Your Market and Buyer Persona

Step 3: Identify B2B Marketing Tactics and Channels

Step 4: Create Assets and Run Campaigns

Step 5: Measure and Improve

compete to market grow business company make brand focus on marketing improve first everyone known about this company focus google ads and analytics 

hire a franchise manager based on commission basis and franchise business manager make franciser every city and urban area and rural area 

now this fashion is craze now this wear of saree different style and every 3 month change fashion revolution our company every time to follow fashion model work and trend and focus on consumer mentality 

customer are 4 types  

1- high class rich family 

2-upper middle class family 

3- lower middle class family

4- poor class family 

our company target low price to high price to care of every class family