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Laxmi Means Wealth

      """" लक्ष्मी"""" 
         मेहनत से मिलती, तो
.               मजदूरों
           के पास क्यों नही..?
           बुद्धि से मिलती तो,
       चालाक और चतुरों 
           के पास क्यों नही..?
          ताकत से मिलती तो,
         के पास क्यों नही...😊
लक्ष्मी सिर्फ "पुण्य"  से मिलती है और पुण्य केवल "धर्म" "कर्म" "निःस्वार्थ सेवा"से ही मिलता है

Smart BusinessMan

एक सीधा सादा सब्जी वाला मोहल्ले में सब्जी बेचता था, बहोत सी महिलाएं उससे उधार लेती वो चुप चाप दे देता और अपनी कॉपी में लिख लेता,,,, किसने कितने का उधार लिया,,, आश्चर्य की बात यह थी कि वह नाम किसी का नही जानता था

फिर भी वो कॉपी छुपकर देखता और बता देता था, की किसका कितना पैसा बचा है,,😳😳

एक दिन उसकी नजरों से छिपाकर उसकी कॉपी हमने गायब कर दी,,,, 

लिखा था,,,,,

बिलइया 20 रु

नकचिपटी 18 रु

चितकबरी 15 रु

मोटकी 40 रु

संवरकी 20 रु

पतरकी 10 रु

भैंसिया 22 रु

कुकुर वाली 50 रु

बन्दरमुंही 35 रु

बकबकही 12 रु

दंतुलि 10रु

मुँहटेढी 15 रु

कनढेरी 28रु

बहिरी 60रु 

भुअ्ररकी 30रु 


एक सीधा सादा सब्जी वाला मोहल्ले में सब्जी बेचता था, बहोत सी महिलाएं उससे उधार लेती वो चुप चाप दे देता और अपनी कॉपी में लिख लेता,,,, किसने कितने का उधार लिया,,, आश्चर्य की बात यह थी कि वह नाम किसी का नही जानता था

फिर भी वो कॉपी छुपकर देखता और बता देता था, की किसका कितना पैसा बचा है,,😳😳

See How ?

Android App Optimization Tutorial

Android App Optimization Tutorial :--

The Definitive Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

This App Store Optimization Tutorial Step By Step  will help you understand the process of improving the visibility of the mobile apps in play store searches so that you get more installations.Thus to beat the enormous competition and make your app more visible leading to more traffic and ultimately more downloads.


App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app  in an app store Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is for websites, app store optimization is for mobile apps. Specifically, app store optimization includes the process of ranking highly in an app store’s search results and top charts rankings. App store optimization marketers and mobile marketing companies agree that ranking higher in search results and top charts rankings will drive more downloads for an app.”

We live in the age of ‘application revolution’. It has been stated that there are about 2 million applications across the internet today. Across Google Play Store, IOS Store and others, there are numerous amount of apps and the trend will only continue. The task of making things easier comes with daily innovations

So in this world of applications revolution, how do you make your app count? So you have spent a lot of time, energy and money developing an app, you have provided a good content that you want to go viral, how do you accomplish that in an app crazy world?

It is a process of improving the Visibility of an Android apps and its called  App Store Optimization in short and its just like ranking a website using Search Engine Optimization but in that case we can say we are going to use seo for our Android apps. In this tutorial i will describe you, how you can optimize ours apps for searches and how you can we use app ranking techniques.

ASO Tutorial Step By Step

Some says App stores top category and charts as the most important. Others think it is App store optimization. Well, let the data speak for themselves. According to research, App store searches is the source of discovery of 63% of apps. It has been discovered in contrast that only about 10% of IPhone apps are discovered through top category and charts .

1. Know your target audience :- As with any optimization process, the key is to understand your target audience, what they want and who they are. You also need to understand what keywords are they searching for when they are looking for apps? This is a crucial aspect of the optimization process.

2. Choose the right category :- According to research ,searches in app stores are searched based on category / genre. It is important here not to choose a category that is already saturated. In a saturated category, ranking is done by number of downloads which it is not easy to contest with the category leaders. Choosing a not too competitive category and yet a category with high search queries is the key. It is particularly helpful to watch out for categories whose trend is showing so much potential.

3. Use the right Keyword in title and description :- With the right market survey and category, it is time to choose the right keyword that will optimize your app for search.  It is important to be very careful and thoughtful at this stage to choose the right one as changing it later one may lead to the loss of some customers.

4. Promote Your App :- In tandem with the app store optimization, it is also important to promote your app. Write some quality descriptions on your website with links to your app that can be shared by friends and readers on their social media platforms. Let people see the need for your app.

5. Positive Ratings :- Positive rating is primarily a function of the quality of your app. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your app is well done to fulfill its stated objectives. Make sure that your review is well earned and not just begged for. Have a high rated customer relationship and make sure that you have a feedback option where dissatisfied customers can be attended to. This will prevent negative ratings. Higher ratings is  also a key factor in having a higher rank.

6. Downloads :- If the preceding steps are carefully and rightly done, then this one should fall in place naturally. With more downloads then, you have better ranking and with higher ranking, more downloads. This is a continuous process that will put your app on top. This is why app store optimization is essential.

7. Localization :- Make App magazine has popularized the importance of localization. David Janner, a part of the team there realized that after localizing his app name and keywords, the number of downloads increased by 800%. The downloads were no longer just from US but widespread across the globe. Localization is the process where your keywords, screenshots and titles are in multi-language, that is, a multi-language translations of your app name and keywords. With Google play, localization is made easy especially with the localization checklist.

Why Aso Is Important.?
One of the common feature in the modern world development is the development in mobile technology. This has been made possible by the numerous applications that are being developed. These applications are making life easier, simplifying business processes, automating services and providing comfort in all areas of life so App Store Optimization  is important to make your app visible.

Most of the user find Android apps using search. Some of the apps users install through the recommendation of friends and family, TV commercial, app promotion, 3rd party site and others, see the graph below and you will find important App Store Optimization is.

Top Factors To Get High Rank In Google Play Store :--

According to experts the following 6 factors are very crucial in getting rank in Google play Store.

1. Downloads :-- The more the number of downloads the more the chances of getting rank in searches in Google play store  as it shows the popularity of your App.

2. Ratings and Reviews :-- No matter if your app having less number of downloads but if it is having positive reviews and Better rantings then the chances of getting rank in searches in Google play store  will be more.

Quality of good Reviews Impact app ranking, make sure you have amount of quality and good reviews about your app. The best tip is that you can ask your friends and family to review your app on Google Play Store.

a. Keep in mind that your app ranking matters on current shipping version

b. If you had good reviews on your previous version but you are receiving bad reviews after releasing update version of your app to Google Play Store, affects app ranking

c. Don’t simply rely on rating of previous version of your app/release

Keywords in reviews took most Important part for ranking your app, although is very difficult to handle because you will not know what users are writing when reviewing  your app on Google Play Store.

a. Be authentic

b. You should constantly check reviews about your app.

c. Look for the bad reviews and see what users are saying.

d. When user is writing some thing others, then you must need to upgrade and fix your app according to the reviews

3. Long Installs :-- The longer your app will be installed by the user ,the better it will be in terms of ranking factor .

“Try to make your app interactive and give it a attractive and user friendly Interface”

4. Uninstalls :-- Frequently Installation of your app by the user can be very critical thing for the ranking of your app.

5. Social Links :-- More the Google +1’s or recommendation, better it is for the app.

6. Choosing Your App Category :--

Choosing category when publishing android app also matters, follow the guidelines when picking app category

a. You can only assign one category for your app in Google PlayStore.

b. Don’t pick the category which doesn’t belongs to your app, it may rejected your app.

c. Your app title/description should described the category of your app to the user.


App Store Optimization is  unified process that ensures that your app ranks higher on the app store search engine. That is, when customers are searching for apps on the store, it ensures that your particular app comes out at the top. The application store optimization process is very similar to the Search Engine optimization. However, while search engine optimization has become a mainstay in website development and digital marketing, many people seem to be ignorant of the process and importance of app store optimization.

App store optimization is a very engaging but rewarding process. It is a sure a bet for those who want more downloads for their apps. It requires time and effort and continuous practice with improvement. But yes, it is definitely worth doing. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. App store optimization provides that key to competitive advantage in the midst of this ‘application revolution’.

Simply remember the above focuses to help control you. It requires investment, and it’s a great deal of diligent work, yet in the event that you stay with it, it pays off.

Thanks & Regards, 
Saurabh Jain
Android Developer
AeroSoft Corp
Mob No - 9907031431








Android App Optimization Google Play

Android App Optimization Google Play :--

How to Do Google Play Store Optimization For Your Android App

Much to the surprise of marketing enthusiasts this 2016, App Store Optimization is still the marketing channel with the most misinformation being spread online, with some aSO practitioners, developers, and even managers remaining doubtful about its use altogether. In as early as March 2016, we now have evaluated new App Store Optimization trends that will shape the online marketing this year, but it is also time to demystify common myths about this App Store Optimization phenomenon, once and for all.

If you’re a developer, who wanted your app to reach out to the masses, you should know by now, how difficult this can be. Ranking in the Google PlayStore each can feel like an unattainable goal, especially when you’ve just launched your first app.

In Google Play, some basic appstore optimization can go a long way. Just as you would expect to invest time and money in marketing or promoting your app into various channels, you also need to focus on app store optimization.

This post will provide you with a detailed list of the basics of App Store Optimization, including why it’s essential to rank in Google Play Store search, how to find relevant keywords, and how the elements of your app listing are the most important for ranking.

Just a heads up, no one knows the exact algorithm that Google uses for their apps, just like with iTunes, but here is what has been shown to work.

1. Keyword Research :--

As far as App Store Optimization is concerned, your keywords count the most. This is not a secret, but if you have never gone through the whole aso process before, it can be a daunting task.

When looking for keywords for your app to target, remember the “R.D.T.” rule: Relevance, Difficulty, and of course?—?Traffic. The most important thing here is to choose the best keywords that are highly relevant, so your users are more likely to download it when they find your app or game using these keywords. Next step is to look for lower difficulty scores so that you will have a better chance of being ranked. Finally, if you have met these two criteria, choose the one’s with the higher Traffic Scores.

Luckily, you can find a wide range of app store optimization keyword tools that can help you find the best keywords for your app. Here is a list of the top platforms on the market today:

1. Best Career Guidance

2. CoFounders

3. Welcome To

4. She

These keyword tools can show you some of your competitor’s keywords, and find new ones and more. Do your research on which tools fit your needs and most importantly?—?your budget.

Give a few a tries and see which ones work best for you. As for me, I use the free tools such as the Google Keyword Planner and Mobile Action. They can give you all the necessary details like the relevance, difficulty, and traffic score.

2. Put Keywords In Your App’s Title :- 

Just like with iTunes search, putting keywords into the title of your app can help boost its App Store Optimization ranking.

However, since Google Play titles are limited to only 30 characters, you will probably be able to only put two to three keywords into your title, so it’s a must that you choose wisely. Also, you can follow this winning aso title format.

Main title?—?Subtitle (GuideByLocal)

In the main title, you can use your chosen keywords here but don’t overdo it. If it’s not appropriate to use 2 keywords in your main title, then don’t. Just use the other keyword in the subtitle. In the subtitle, make sure that it describes or it’s something supplemental to the title of your app. Use strong keywords here but don’t spam it with keywords.

Also, don’t use famous game titles here or trademarks to avoid violations. What works best for me is, putting some symbols in the title to make it more visible.You can use any of the following here:

Titles in CAPS LOCK also works, as it makes it more visible: for example App Store Optimization PROFESSIONAL BLOG, looks more evident, isn’t it?

3. Add Keywords To Your App’s Description :-

This is one of the biggest differences between Google PlayStore and iTunes search. Instead of providing a keyword field like the App Store does, Google takes the keywords from your app’s description.

You app’s description can have a maximum of 4,000 characters, so be sure to maximize and use as many of them as possible. It has been said that we can include a target keyword about 4–5X in the description for best results. Stuffing keywords hasn’t shown to help at all. So do not try to trick or outsmart the Google algorithm, by keyword spamming or any nonsensical description just for the hopes of ranking better.Also, make sure that your description is appealing or the very least?—?it makes sense and not just a bunch of keywords crammed all up altogether.

Thanks & Regards, 
Saurabh Jain
Android Developer
AeroSoft Corp
Mob No - 9907031431








Monday 26 March 2018


एक पंडित रास्ते से जा रहा था कि इतने में उसका 10 रूपए का सिक्का नाला में गिर गया ।

ब्राह्मण बेचारा वही बैठ कर बोलने लगा

ब्राम्हण :   या अल्लाह मेरी मदद कर या अल्लाह मेरी मदद कर

तभी रास्ते में एक आदमी जा रहा था उसने ब्राह्मण के पास आया और बोला -"क्या हुआ महाराज?"

ब्राह्मण : मेरा 10 रुपये का सिक्का नाले में गिर गया है और मैं अल्लाह से मदद मांग रहा हूँ

आदमी : पर आप तो ब्राह्मण हो अल्लाह को क्यों पुकार रहे हो

ब्राह्मण : अबे गधे!! उल्लू के पट्ठे, तू का चाहत है 10 रूपये के लिए हनुमान जी को नाले में कूदा दू


App Store Optimization Service

App Store Optimization Service 

Service :--
App Store Optimization service is a complete solution for one flat monthly fee per app.  App Store Optimization is like Search Engine Optimization for Apps.  It improves app distribution by increasing Search Ranking for apps in an App Store.  Start Optimizing Your App Today!

Key ASO Factors :--

App Store Optimization is the best user acquisition channel!  Focusing on search ranking within the App Store can help you gain QUALITY users COST EFFECTIVELY.  Gummicube has exclusive data and algorithms from 1100's of campaigns to help your App Store Optimization.  Key App Store Optimization Factors that Gummicube focuses on:

App Title :-

Tell users about your app.
Your App Title tells the user in a few seconds what you app does.  This is the most important piece of App Store Optimization; if a user can't tell what your app does by reading your title, they will move on.  You are given 245 characters for your app's title.  Use the space provided to clearly describe to the user what it does.  We have seen developers who simply "keyword stuffed" and created titles that are too long and don't make sense.  Titles that are too spammy turn users off.

App Keywords :--

What are users looking for?
You are only allowed 100 characters.  Picking the best keywords requires understanding your market, your competitors and popular search phrases.  These all change seasonally and staying on top of the keyword selection for an app is a full time job.  We use proprietary data from inside the App Store to help pick keywords.  Don't use keywords that are too generic or too long.  What would the average user type in?  Keyword planners are great tools – but remember they use data from Google Web Search and not App Store Search.  We incorporate real data from inside the App Store in our process.

App Reviews & Ratings :--

What are users saying about your app?
Reviews and Ratings are critical to App Store Optimization.  If your app has correct on-page optimization, we estimate that 40% or more of your search ranking is based on this factor alone.  Gummicube will analyze your reviews and leverage them to bolster your App Store search rankings.  With our Datacube software we can quickly understand how users view your app across releases and gain insight to key themes and narratives from the user feedback.  Click here to learn more about Gnome Escape, our service to help increase buzz for your app.

App Description :--

Describe everything about your app.
Getting a user to view your description is like getting a user to visit your website.  At this point users are curious and are considering if they should download your app.  This is a key optimization factor.  You will need to use this area to sell your app on all its great features and set the correct expectations for what the user is downloading.  Short-selling yourself is bad, but overselling yourself will cause users to be unhappy which might turn to bad reviews.  Use your app description to clearly describe what your app does.

App Logo :--

Make a first impression.
You will have about 3-5 seconds to capture a users interest as they glance through the list of apps that they are searching for.  Make sure you effectively and creatively express what your app does via your app icon.  This is very important and should have lots of thought behind it.

App Screenshots :--

Show off your best features.
You will need to use screenshots that clearly display your app functionality while highlighting all the best parts of your app.  Make sure to use up all space for screen shots with different images.  Add some quick text to call what is being displayed if needed.  Remember, people judge a book by its cover and a store by what is being displayed in the windows.

App Publisher Name :-

Who's making your app?

Users can search by App Publisher name via the App Store.  You can use this to include keywords tied to the type of Apps you are creating.  Something you might consider is publishing under several trade names of your company that fits the different types of apps you are developing.  For example: "CoFounder" or "She."

App Category :-

Where does your app fit in?
Picking both the Primary and Secondary Category for your app is a huge decision and critical to the success of your app.  The right category will get you in front of qualified customers - while the wrong category will result in lackluster for your app.









Best and Most Diff Interview Ever

Neighborhood: - Where were you all day?

Pooja: - Yesterday was my Interview.

Neighborhood: - What's the interview

Pooja: - I want to keep my new Bai  so she took my Interview!

Neighborhood: - Hey, remember,
Tomorrow I have an interview too.
What did your wife ask?
I have not been prepared at all. Feeling very afraid.

Pooja: - Now tell me ... Nowadays, the Housemaid interview is also very tugged.
I have passed through very difficult times.

Neighborhood: - Yes! Tell no soon

Pooja: -Bai asked what I asked, ,,,,,

1. Is there a cable connection in the house?
2. Is AC Working well ?
3. Is Vacuum Cleaner ?
4. Is the power back up ?
5. Does not the relatives have to come too much ?

 ⚡ Conditions: -

1. Do not try to give Old Lunch and sleeping food.

2. Only after sprouted 'Loisole' will apply.

3. After half an hour TV will watch

4. Wash the vessel with hot water.

5. Not to Call me  'Bai'
My name is 'Rani', the same thing to Call ME.

6. If  I  get stuck, do not call it repeatedly on My Mobile.

7. I have a family too. Every Sunday is My Holiday.

8. If it Rain happens, then the 'RaineyDay' will become a holiday.

9. If you want to listen to the other person's gossip, then I will take a Extra Money.

10.I'm on Facebook, to LIKE  every one of my 'pics

Neighbors Got  Unconscious


पड़ोसन :-  कल तुम दिन भर कहाँ थी❓

पूजा :- अरे  कल मेरा इंटरव्यू था।

पड़ोसन:- कैसा इंटरव्यू❓

पूजा :- नयी कामवाली बाई रखनी है तो उसने मेरा इंटरव्यु  लिया   !

पड़ोसन :- अरे याद आया,,,,
कल मेरा भी इंटरव्यू है। 
तेरी वाली बाई ने क्या क्या पूछा ?  
मेरी तो बिलकुल तैयारी नहीं हो पायी है। बहुत डर लग रहा है।

पूजा :- अब क्या बताऊँ... आजकल हाऊसमेड इंटरव्यू भी बहुत टफ हो गया है। 

मैं बहुत मुश्किल से पास हुई हूँ।

पड़ोसन :- हाँ! जल्दी बताओ ना।

पूजा :-बाई ने जो जो पूछा बताती हूँ,,,,,,

1.घर में केबल कनेक्शन है ना?
2. AC है ?
3.वैक्यूम क्लीनर है ?
4.पॉवर बैक अप है ?
5.रिश्तेदारों का ज्यादा आना जाना तो नहीं है ?

 ⚡ शर्ते :-

1.बासी और जूठा खाना देने की कोशिश ना करना।

2.परफ्यूम्ड 'लोइज़ोल' डालने के बाद ही  पोछा लगाएगी।

3.काम के बाद आधा घंटा TV देखेगी

4.बर्तन गरम पानी से धोएगी।

5. 'बाई' नहीं बोलने का,
मेरा नाम 'रानी' है वही बोलने का।

6.लेट हो जाए तो मोबाइल पर बारबार फोन नहीं करने का।

7. मेरेकु भी फैमिली है। हर रवीवार छुट्टी ।

8.बारिस होयेगा तो 'रेनीडे' हालीडे  हो जायेगा ।

9.दूसरे घर की चुगली सुनना है तो अलग से पैसा लेगी।

10.मै फेसबुक पर है,,, मेरी हर 'पिक' को लाइक करने का ।

पड़ोसन बेहोश