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Android App Optimization Tutorial

Android App Optimization Tutorial :--

The Definitive Guide to App Store Optimization (ASO)

This App Store Optimization Tutorial Step By Step  will help you understand the process of improving the visibility of the mobile apps in play store searches so that you get more installations.Thus to beat the enormous competition and make your app more visible leading to more traffic and ultimately more downloads.


App store optimization (ASO) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app  in an app store Just like search engine optimization (SEO) is for websites, app store optimization is for mobile apps. Specifically, app store optimization includes the process of ranking highly in an app store’s search results and top charts rankings. App store optimization marketers and mobile marketing companies agree that ranking higher in search results and top charts rankings will drive more downloads for an app.”

We live in the age of ‘application revolution’. It has been stated that there are about 2 million applications across the internet today. Across Google Play Store, IOS Store and others, there are numerous amount of apps and the trend will only continue. The task of making things easier comes with daily innovations

So in this world of applications revolution, how do you make your app count? So you have spent a lot of time, energy and money developing an app, you have provided a good content that you want to go viral, how do you accomplish that in an app crazy world?

It is a process of improving the Visibility of an Android apps and its called  App Store Optimization in short and its just like ranking a website using Search Engine Optimization but in that case we can say we are going to use seo for our Android apps. In this tutorial i will describe you, how you can optimize ours apps for searches and how you can we use app ranking techniques.

ASO Tutorial Step By Step

Some says App stores top category and charts as the most important. Others think it is App store optimization. Well, let the data speak for themselves. According to research, App store searches is the source of discovery of 63% of apps. It has been discovered in contrast that only about 10% of IPhone apps are discovered through top category and charts .

1. Know your target audience :- As with any optimization process, the key is to understand your target audience, what they want and who they are. You also need to understand what keywords are they searching for when they are looking for apps? This is a crucial aspect of the optimization process.

2. Choose the right category :- According to research ,searches in app stores are searched based on category / genre. It is important here not to choose a category that is already saturated. In a saturated category, ranking is done by number of downloads which it is not easy to contest with the category leaders. Choosing a not too competitive category and yet a category with high search queries is the key. It is particularly helpful to watch out for categories whose trend is showing so much potential.

3. Use the right Keyword in title and description :- With the right market survey and category, it is time to choose the right keyword that will optimize your app for search.  It is important to be very careful and thoughtful at this stage to choose the right one as changing it later one may lead to the loss of some customers.

4. Promote Your App :- In tandem with the app store optimization, it is also important to promote your app. Write some quality descriptions on your website with links to your app that can be shared by friends and readers on their social media platforms. Let people see the need for your app.

5. Positive Ratings :- Positive rating is primarily a function of the quality of your app. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your app is well done to fulfill its stated objectives. Make sure that your review is well earned and not just begged for. Have a high rated customer relationship and make sure that you have a feedback option where dissatisfied customers can be attended to. This will prevent negative ratings. Higher ratings is  also a key factor in having a higher rank.

6. Downloads :- If the preceding steps are carefully and rightly done, then this one should fall in place naturally. With more downloads then, you have better ranking and with higher ranking, more downloads. This is a continuous process that will put your app on top. This is why app store optimization is essential.

7. Localization :- Make App magazine has popularized the importance of localization. David Janner, a part of the team there realized that after localizing his app name and keywords, the number of downloads increased by 800%. The downloads were no longer just from US but widespread across the globe. Localization is the process where your keywords, screenshots and titles are in multi-language, that is, a multi-language translations of your app name and keywords. With Google play, localization is made easy especially with the localization checklist.

Why Aso Is Important.?
One of the common feature in the modern world development is the development in mobile technology. This has been made possible by the numerous applications that are being developed. These applications are making life easier, simplifying business processes, automating services and providing comfort in all areas of life so App Store Optimization  is important to make your app visible.

Most of the user find Android apps using search. Some of the apps users install through the recommendation of friends and family, TV commercial, app promotion, 3rd party site and others, see the graph below and you will find important App Store Optimization is.

Top Factors To Get High Rank In Google Play Store :--

According to experts the following 6 factors are very crucial in getting rank in Google play Store.

1. Downloads :-- The more the number of downloads the more the chances of getting rank in searches in Google play store  as it shows the popularity of your App.

2. Ratings and Reviews :-- No matter if your app having less number of downloads but if it is having positive reviews and Better rantings then the chances of getting rank in searches in Google play store  will be more.

Quality of good Reviews Impact app ranking, make sure you have amount of quality and good reviews about your app. The best tip is that you can ask your friends and family to review your app on Google Play Store.

a. Keep in mind that your app ranking matters on current shipping version

b. If you had good reviews on your previous version but you are receiving bad reviews after releasing update version of your app to Google Play Store, affects app ranking

c. Don’t simply rely on rating of previous version of your app/release

Keywords in reviews took most Important part for ranking your app, although is very difficult to handle because you will not know what users are writing when reviewing  your app on Google Play Store.

a. Be authentic

b. You should constantly check reviews about your app.

c. Look for the bad reviews and see what users are saying.

d. When user is writing some thing others, then you must need to upgrade and fix your app according to the reviews

3. Long Installs :-- The longer your app will be installed by the user ,the better it will be in terms of ranking factor .

“Try to make your app interactive and give it a attractive and user friendly Interface”

4. Uninstalls :-- Frequently Installation of your app by the user can be very critical thing for the ranking of your app.

5. Social Links :-- More the Google +1’s or recommendation, better it is for the app.

6. Choosing Your App Category :--

Choosing category when publishing android app also matters, follow the guidelines when picking app category

a. You can only assign one category for your app in Google PlayStore.

b. Don’t pick the category which doesn’t belongs to your app, it may rejected your app.

c. Your app title/description should described the category of your app to the user.


App Store Optimization is  unified process that ensures that your app ranks higher on the app store search engine. That is, when customers are searching for apps on the store, it ensures that your particular app comes out at the top. The application store optimization process is very similar to the Search Engine optimization. However, while search engine optimization has become a mainstay in website development and digital marketing, many people seem to be ignorant of the process and importance of app store optimization.

App store optimization is a very engaging but rewarding process. It is a sure a bet for those who want more downloads for their apps. It requires time and effort and continuous practice with improvement. But yes, it is definitely worth doing. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. App store optimization provides that key to competitive advantage in the midst of this ‘application revolution’.

Simply remember the above focuses to help control you. It requires investment, and it’s a great deal of diligent work, yet in the event that you stay with it, it pays off.

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